Sunday, 6 May 2007

West Ham United 3 Bolton Wanderers 1

Tevez Thrives On The Transfer Controversy by Jamie Jackson
A season in footballing hell might nearly be over with a result that takes West Ham three points clear of the relegation zone where Wigan - who lost to Middlesbrough - now reside... The Observer
Tevez Points Way To Survival by Duncan Castles
A grim result for the Gang of Four, a good one for their lawyers. Three more points for West Ham United – controversially acquired with the devastatingly effective Carlos Tevez utterly to the fore – lifted the rule-breakers out of the drop zone; expensive legal counsel will now try and put them back there... Sunday Times
Tevez Bid To Beat Drop Fans Flames Of Furious Rivals by Jason Burt
Whatever the rights and wrongs, the justices and misdemeanours, of Carlos Tevez's presence in a West Ham shirt the striker seared an afternoon of rich memories into the mind of every one of the club's supporters yesterday... Independent on Sunday
Tevez Double Twists Knife On Rivals by Ryan Johnson
Carlos Tevez rubbed salt in the wounds of West Ham's rivals in the fight against relegation from the Premiership by scoring two goals in his side's 3-1 win over Bolton... Sunday Telegraph
Hammers Hail Saviour Tevez by Patrick Collins
Carlos Tevez strolled around the Upton Park pitch last night, his face lit by the broadest, brightest, toothiest smile in football. The West Ham fans bawled his name over and over again, and the smile grew wider. The little man is at the centre of one of the strangest controversies of the entire season, yet last night he seemed at peace with the world... Mail on Sunday
Magnusson Tells Rivals To Zip it by Jeremy Wilson
Eggert Magnusson yesterday risked further deterioration in his relationship with West Ham's relegation rivals by delivering a "put up or shut up" message to those planning to challenge the decision not to dock points over the Tevez-Mascherano affair... The Guardian
Tevez Issue Haunts West Ham by Gary Jacob
The problem will go away if West Ham United are relegated on Sunday, but as it is, controversy remains over the man who single-handedly has given them a chance of staying up... The Times
Tevez Still In Spotlight As West Ham Start To Sparkle by Mike Rowbottom
West Ham United's chairman, Eggert Magnusson, insisted yesterday that he would like Carlos Tevez to stay at the club for the next few seasons, but added: "There are a lot of things that need to be resolved before that happens." Something of an understatement in the circumstances... The Independent
Terrific Tevez Hots Up Moral Debate by David Miller
Had West Ham performed for rather more of the season the way they did for the first half-hour on Saturday, they would not now be fearful about legal action by their rivals in an attempt to convert the Premier League's £5.5 million fine into points deducted and thereby relegation... The Telegraph
Tevez Taking It To The Wire by Neil Ashton
There has been the threat of a points deduction, the threat of legal action and a contract that the Premier League claim no longer exists — but it is of no concern to Carlos Tevez... The Daily Mail

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