Monday, 14 May 2007

Manchester United 0 West Ham United 1

Tevez Strike Allows West Ham To Join Old Trafford Party by Daniel Taylor
The Premiership trophy is back in Manchester United's possession but the euphoria inside Old Trafford was perhaps at its greatest in the corner housing West Ham's boisterous fans... The Guardian
Tevez Celebrates Escape To Victory by Matt Dickinson
The gang of four are struggling to put together a legal case but their moral argument took on a bludgeoning force at Old Trafford yesterday... The Times
Hammers Gatecrash Party With Argentine The Inevitable Hero by Sam Wallace
In the joyous aftermath, the West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson looked like he might even write the £5.5m cheque to the Premier League with the interest as well... The Independent
Talent Of Tevez Lifts West Ham To Safety by Henry Winter
When the history of Carlos Tevez's season at West Ham United is written, it will be a tale of lies, damned lies and the remarkable statistics of a little Argentinian with a big heart who struck seven times in 10 games to orchestrate the great escape... The Telegraph
Third Party Ire And Theft by Matt Lawton
Even if Sheffield United’s lawyers welcome the information, those they are about to represent will struggle to stomach what happened here at Old Trafford... The Mail

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Anonymous said...

why cant manchester united seem to beat west ham!! does anyone think it has something to do with curbishly and fergie being friends off the pitch, and the most successful manager is letting his mate steal some limelight every now an then... Hammers fans can't knock it though - particularly those partial to a bit of football betting! they will surely be starting 2008 wealthy people...


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