Thursday, 10 May 2007

Guddy y Guily, Con Permiso Para Negociar

Eggert Magnusson has called for an end to the ongoing row over Carlos Tevez's transfer to Upton Park. "It is about time to end this matter," the Irons chairman said today. "We have had a very severe fine which put financial constraints on this club and it is about time to finish this off." Appearing on Sky Sports News, Magnusson admitted he was happy that the battle to stay in the Premiership would be decided on the pitch. "It is the Premier League that has stated that everything is okay and that Carlos Tevez can play until the end of the season, so for me that is clear," he stated. "We are with some clubs in a relegation battle and people are worried, I understand that. From my point of view the decisions about who is champions and who is relegated should be decided on the pitch. That is where points are taken and that is where you lose points. It is completely in the hands of the Premier League and I trust them 100 per cent."

There have been reports that Kia Joorabchian still owns Tevez and has to give permission for the Argentine to play, but Magnusson insists that is not the case. He explained: "I have not had any conversations with Kia Joorabchian about that. He was here at the game on Saturday but we just talked about the game. From the club's point of view there has never been any doubt that his registration, and also Mascherano's, were okay." And the West Ham chairman maintains the Premier League have seen documents that prove Tevez's registration is above board. "They are in order and they have been approved by the Premier League," he said.

While Magnusson maintains that everything is in order, the resolve of the 'Gang of Four' is hardening with a conviction that third parties are still dictating terms on which Tevez continues to play for West Ham. The club insist they have torn up their third-party agreements to comply with the decision of the independent commission but the four are querying whether those agreements have simply been deferred to allow the Argentine striker to continue to play. Fulham director and lawyer Stuart Benson said; "There is no doubt that binding contracts exist between West Ham and third parties, there has to be. It is implicit that West Ham are negotiating a deal with those same third parties and that a valid contract undoubtedly still exists. Third parties are still controlling Tevez. The Premier League are making assumptions based on what West Ham have told them and shown them, but we believe there might well be more to it. Our view is that this all needs to be sorted out with another full and proper investigation followed by another commission, and with other clubs being entitled to be represented at a further commission. Otherwise we are not going to be deterred from seeking legal redress."

The Express claim at least two more clubs are ready to join any legal challenge and many other clubs sympathise with the cause. "If the Premier League think we are losing interest they are wrong," said Benson. "Fulham are no longer in danger of relegation, which makes us even more determined to press ahead than ever, as we prefer to take this view on the moral high ground rather than somebody who might go down. There is a deep principle here and the letters that have been sent out is an attempt to sweep it under the carpet in the hope it will all go away. They say that points must be won or lost on the pitch, but Fulham have suffered when the rules have been rigidly held against us in the past. What’s good for us would be good for the rest."

Away from the legal wrangling and Catalan sportspaper Mundo Deportivo is reporting our interest in Eidur Gudjohnsen. The Icelandic striker has been told he can leave Barcelona this summer with us and Manchester United leading the chase of potential suitors.


ONeill said...

I don't support one of the relegation battlers but i will be extremely angered and ashamed of the LEague is West Ham stay up because they weren't docked poiints. Its nothing personal against the club, but if Wigan or Watford, say, had been involved i such a dispute they would have been docked poitns. I think its a disgrace that WEst Ham should be able to get away with bending the rules. A 5.5 million fine is nothing when you consider how rich Magnusson is and that if you stay up you get 35 million. But, as usual, its the same old story. If you've got money and a big fan club then you will always get our own way, regardles of the rules. Liverpool can break the two-transfer rule with Mascherano and get in the Champions LEague dispite not officially qualifying, big Team divers get away with murder and the big squad teams continue to disrespect lower league teams in cup competitions by fielding a reserve line-up. English Football is going to hell because of self-righteous Hypocritical money-men are in charge and they couldn't care less about teams with low resources. Relegate WEst Ham and we may be able to crawl out of this hole!

Anonymous said...

If Wigan, Sheffield united et al put as much huff 'n puff & energy into the football as they do in witchunting West Ham, then their fight against the drop would be over by now.

Point docking was 1 of a number of options that could have been taken against the Hammers, so why does Whelan bleat on & on about this one?

Let it lie & do your talking on the pitch all you boo-boys.

Chris said...

This should be extremely easy to resolve. West Ham should be asked to provide written evidence that both themselves and the players' former "owner" have mutually agreed to terminate the contentious agreement. If they are not able to do this then they have clearly lied and the fine should stand but in addition West Ham should be thrown out of the Premier League, and probably the Football League as well. Very straight-forward and would at least in part redeem the tarnished integrity of the Premier League. Where has common-sense gone?

Expat Matt said...

What magic glass ball has Oneill been looking into that he is so sure Wigan or Watford would have had points deducted for a similar 'sin'? The 5.5 million pound fine has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Magnusson's wealth and, anyway, the fine is, as reported, one of several options open to the Premier League as punishment for West Ham's previous owners' wrong doing. Are you a footbal fan, Oneill or some intruder from another planet? Because your ramblings make no sense whatsoever.


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