Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valour

West Ham have revealed they will not appeal against the record £5.5m fine imposed by the Premier League's independent commission over the signings of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. Eggert Magnusson, who was not involved in last summer's signings, said in a statement: "I think it is now time to draw a line under this matter. The fine imposed on us was very significant but we accept that mistakes were made and it is now time to move on. Our intention as a club is to be totally focused on Sunday's game. We know that our fate, like every other club, will be decided, where it should be, on the pitch." West Ham's decision will come as little surprise, given the public furore over the leniency of the punishment.

Meanwhile, Sports minister Richard Caborn has called on warring Premier League clubs to settle the row over West Ham United between themselves rather than go to court. Caborn, a Sheffield United fan and a former director at Bramall Lane, said: "Running to the courts, and the rules of sport being made up by judges, I do not believe is a good thing for sport. My advice to the clubs is to resolve this internally inside the Premier League. There are 20 clubs operating as a co-operative and they should be able to resolve their differences. Whoever is relegated should be a decision that is be made on the park and not in the courts. Football is able to govern itself - with power comes responsibility. I'm sure this can be resolved inside the family of football. I would say to all sports, try and sort it out inside the family of sport, that's by far the best way."

Looking ahead to more immediate matters and Carlos Tevez admits he is relishing the challenge of a relegation dogfight. The Argentinian international's inspirational form has been a huge factor in the incredible turnaround at Upton Park and he is hopeful of completing the Great Escape at Old Trafford this weekend. "We have to face the champions at their stadium. It is one of those special matches," he said. "Even more, if you are playing for important things. Fighting against relegation is something new for me. I was not used to fighting for not going down to the second level, but I take it like a challenge and I really like it. I think fighting against relegation is tougher than competing for the title, because you know that if you don’t win the title, you can win it later. This is totally different because if you lose, you can go down to the second level. If you are not champions, you can be sad, but it is not the same as being relegated." Tevez is hopeful that his good form will earn him a place in the Argentina squad for the Copa America in Venezuela this summer. "I want to play in the Copa America," he added. "It is special to me and to all the players. I need to play in the national team. However, I know that you put yourself in or out of the squad through your performances with your club. i know I haven’t played well but now I feel different. I am in good shape and playing well in the Premier League. Anyway, I have already demonstrated I am a national team player. I have played in a World Cup."

Lastly, goalkeeping legend Phil Parkes insists the Irons are already safe. In his column in the Newham Recorder, Parkes states: " I thought if West Ham beat Bolton then they would be safe in the Premiership this season and after a superb performance on Saturday I think they have secured their survival. It is not only West Ham's win that has clinched it for me. The vital thing was that victory by Aston Villa over Sheffield United on Saturday evening that means that the Blades will have to make sure of their own safety by getting a point against Wigan Athletic."


Schofield said...

I understand that some transfer deals include payments for achievement of future honours. This means that a club may have sold a player to another club and would stand to benefit financially from losing a game against the buying club.
I wonder if, for example, the Wayne Rooney deal between Everton and Man U is not more significant than the agreement over Tim Howard - especially if Everton were in line for a payment in the event that Man U won the title?

MikeyBrum said...

If Tim Howard had played against Utd you would all now be saying Utd won because an X player let them, just as some were saying Phil Nevilles goal was .

The decision not play Howard was right.

What i find interesting is the premier league cannot distinguish the difference between 3rd party . Surely 3rd party outside football is wrong, as the only thing they want is money, they want to own human beings for profit and in no way have any interest in the football family, that for me is very dangerous..

Jimmy said...

As a Hammers fan, I still have this uneasy feeling about the Sheff U vs Wigan match. After all, if we are losing to ManU, Wigan only need to win by one (last minute...) goal. Hmm...

Chris, Milan said...

As a Blade, I would love to hear Man U 4-0 Wet Sham with 5 mins remaning, and see our defence part like the red sea to allow Wigan to win the match. Not only would it condemn the cheating media darlings to relegation, it would also show the Prem League up for the pantomime it has allowed itself to become. COME ON MAN UTD!!!!!!

StewTaylor said...

As a West Ham supporter to say this season to say that this season has been hard is an understatement. At times the team has looked below championship standard. but finally when it begins to click West Ham is brought into the firing line by those teams who are not good enough in my opinion to stay in the League. West Ham have worked hard to get out of this mess, albiet with help of Carlos Tevez. It is a shame to here that these clubs are conspiring against West Ham as the rules clearly state that teams must work in a civil manner.
If it comes to the last game of the season and West Ham loose whilts Wigan win 1-0 in the 94th Minuteit should be looked into, ganging up is a pathetic move and to do this would be criminal. Over the Last few weeks West Ham have worked hard to stay in the top tier and to cheat to send them down would be wrong.
West Ham as they are now have not done anything wrong, they trade under a new name and there for are not responsible for the signings of the two.


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