Sunday, 1 April 2007

West Ham United 2 Middlesbrough 0

Tevez Brilliance Gives West Ham Hope by Arindam Rej
A mixture of Latin exuberance and local industriousness - courtesy of Carlos Tevez and Mark Noble respectively - catalysed this comfortable victory. With a gruesome-looking run-in ahead, only the most blinkered of West Ham fans would expect Premiership survival this season, but the east London side will not finish far away if they play with the lack of inhibition shown in the first half of this dominant display... The Observer
Tevez Gives Fresh Hope by John Aizlewood
A good day at the office and for West Ham United there have been precious few of them this season. Inspired by the lambent Carlos Tevez, they brushed aside a supine Middlesbrough for whom the season’s end cannot come quickly enough... Sunday Times
Carlos The Unshackled Gives Hammers A Glimmer Of Hope by Ronald Atkin
Perhaps West Ham's problem has been the siesta factor. With Carlos Tevez belatedly rousing himself from South American somnolence and scoring for the third straight game, his team are suddenly up and running... Independent On Sunday
Boro's Helping Hand by Trevor Haylett
What's that line in the West Ham anthem about fortune always hiding? It has broken cover spectacularly in the last two games to help their cause and as a result the fight to avoid relegation has acquired some genuine momentum... Sunday Telegraph
Tevez Lifts Gloom As Fans Dream Of Escape by Peter Higgs
As the strains of I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles soared across a windswept Upton Park, West Ham’s loyal fans trudged into the East End evening dreaming of a great escape to place alongside other treasured memories in the history of their fine old club... Mail On Sunday

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