Saturday, 14 April 2007

Irons Maiden

One of the few bright spots on an almost unrelentingly shitty day was the appearance of the lovely West Ham soccerette on Soccer AM. The woman is Claire Booty and she is a 25 yr old Peterborough lass. I'm going to make this happiest of distractions the official face of Just Like My Dreams... until such a time that her lawyers get in contact.


Anonymous said...

U didn't find a very good photo of me,i have roots!!!

Jess said...

Ah, Claire you always look good-roots or no roots!!

Can't believe your on here babe, so funny!x

Trilby said...

Your picture looks absolutely fine to me but feel free to send the blog another photo you're happier with if you want it changed. After all, you are the 'Face of Just Like My Dreams' and that's an 'honour' you had to beat Keira Knightley for!

Anonymous said...

are you actually a crazy stalker?


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