Thursday, 19 April 2007

Alan al-Sahaf

Alan Curbishley delivered a defiantly upbeat message this morning; one that flew so intractably in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence it would have caused even Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf to wince. On the official site, our Cockney Minister of Information insisted: "We've got four games left and we've got to win three of them to get to 38 points and give ourselves a chance...Everton play here at Upton Park on Saturday and now we've got to the point where we've just get on with it out there on the pitch and try to give our supporters something to hold onto, once again. We fight on!" Give it up Al, the players have.

Also on the official site is Robert Green's astounding observation that Chelsea's strikers are actually quite good. "The first goal Wright-Philips struck early right into the bottom corner and the second one is an unbelievable finish from where he was," admitted the beleaguered keeper. "You're looking at the players you're playing against and the qualities they have. They've had probably ten chances to score in the game. You look at the forward line that they've got and the players they've got playing for them. We couldn't afford to give them too many chances."

As if the Chelsea forward line is not already impressive enough, it could be about to get even better. One unforeseen consequence of the game last night is that it may have hastened the departure of Carlos Tevez. The Premiership Rumour Mill believe the Argentinian could be set to make the move to west London, having scored the goal that united both Roman Abramovich and manager Jose Mourinho in their admiration. The article in the Daily Mail suggests both were also full of praise for Tevez's admirable work ethic as he refused to give up his side's cause in the 4-1 defeat. Chelsea have had a long-standing interest in the player but his five-star display last night has only heightened the desire to land him.

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