Friday, 1 June 2007

West Ham's New Signing?

The hysteria surrounding the summer transfer window escalated today when somebody posted the following message and accompanying photo on WHO and then KUMB.
Missus just phoned, curbs is in waltham abbey hotel at this very moment with a player. She is useless but says the player looks foreign. Have told her to go and ask curbs who the f*** t is. This is no bullsh*t !!
If anybody recognises the 'player' in question then they should head on over to the conversation and put the lads out of their misery. Best guesses so far include Mikel Arteta, Joao Moutinho, Harry Kewell and er...Kaka! There's a serious amount of work not being done around the offices of East London at the moment so any insight would be appreciated..


Paddy said...

Ha ha that's brilliant. Assuming it's the guy on the right of the picture then he looks like Yossi to me!

Anonymous said...

It's obviously some dodgy South American and the other bloke is the third party who owns him. West ham will never learn.

Anonymous said...

hi there looked at other photos and it looks very much like Joao Moutinho to me

geoff said...

it's harry kewell.

Laslo said...

Wouldn't Kewell have been in Australia at the time of the photo preparing for their international friendly?


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