Saturday, 2 June 2007

News From The AGM

There hasn't been a great deal of coverage of the two-day Premier League AGM. I can only guess that the fact nearly every team in the Premiership overwhelmingly accepts the disciplinary decision taken over Carlos Tevez doesn't make particularly good copy, especially for all those media hacks with an axe to grind. Still, The Telegraph carries an article today that clarifies things a little bit. According to David Bond, Premiership clubs will have to hand over every document relating to third party ownership of players after chairmen yesterday agreed to tighten their regulations following the Carlos Tevez affair. Despite the ongoing row with the so-called 'gang of four' over the West Ham controversy, Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore was given the backing of the rest of the clubs over his handling of the case. A statement issued last night by the League said: "In light of the independent commission's West Ham United judgement, the clubs have reiterated their commitment to the principle of the rule. It was felt that, given West Ham United had pleaded guilty, the independent commission had not had the opportunity to fully test the rule. It was decided, for the sake of clarity, to adopt a rule making the disclosure of all documents relating to the transfer of a player's registration and any other relevant third party contracts or arrangements explicit."

With Charlton and Sheffield United relegated to the Championship, Fulham and Wigan are now the only Premiership clubs opposed to the decision by an independent commission to fine West Ham £5.5million for the Tevez affair instead of docking them points. But the League refused to debate the issue in depth, claiming it to be sub-judice after they agreed to Sheffield United's call for an arbitration hearing into the case on June 18. Yesterday Fulham called for their own arbitration hearing into the affair, but the League said other clubs urged them to withdraw the appeal.

On the transfer front, The Sun have pulled one out of left-field with the claim West Ham will bid £4 million for Manchester United winger Kieran Richardson. There must be something in the water over there as the same paper also believe we will make a £10 million bid for Shaun Wright-Phillips as well as make a move for 35 year old striker Andrew Cole. The Mirror also has the Shaun Wright-Phillips rumour and in line with just about everybody report West Ham have agreed a fee with Newcastle for Scott Parker. Just to be obtuse, the Daily Star say we are set to bid for Everton duo Andrew Johnson and Tim Cahill. They also say that Charlton are expecting a £20million bidding war over Darren Bent between Tottenham, Liverpool and West Ham.

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Bill said...

Sheffield Utd and Fulham are alone in pursuing the Tevez decision. Yesterday's PL AGM revealed that when the other clubs supported Scudamore and urged Fulham to drop their arbitration claims.

So much for Sheffield Utd's claim that the majority of clubs supported their flawed position. The PL clubs have taken the sensible view that you learn from the case and avoid a reoccurance. All that is needed is to get the pointless Sheffield Utd arbitration completed (should take all of 15 minutes - there can only be one verdict, that vindicating the processes employed by the PL) and this whole sorry episode can be wrapped up once and for all.

Many parties, including the press, should be ashamed at the way they have stoked up this non-affair and promoted a witch hunt mentality amongst the less 'analytical' type of football supporter!


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