Monday, 15 January 2007

West Ham United 3 Fulham 3

Christanval Stuns 10-Man West Ham- Will Buckley
West Ham and Fulham drew an increasingly exciting London derby. West Ham might, and should, have won, but had they done so it would have been a pyrrhic victory because both first-choice centre-halves and Carlos Tevez had to limp from the field. As it was they had to settle for a point which leaves them as far from Charlton as they are from Wigan... The Observer
Young Signing Could Turn Tide For Hammers- Matt Scott
Alan Curbishley found a silver lining to another troubled weekend last night when West Ham had a £10m bid for Watford's Ashley Young accepted. Earlier bids, starting at £7m, had been rejected but now the only bar to the England Under-21 forward going to Upton Park lies in personal terms, which have yet to be agreed... The Guardian
Curbishley In A Fury As Poll Makes No Buddies- Roy Wilkinson
Post-match, the West Ham United manager Alan Curbishley saluted the wit and wisdom of David Essex - he was referring to an interview with the hit-making Hammers fan in the match programme. Essex's 1973 film That'll Be The Day is an affecting tale full of rock 'n' roll dreams, bittersweet reversals and Ringo Starr. Following Saturday's heartbreaking result against Fulham, Curbishley must be thinking, how can it get more bittersweet and when will it be our day?... The Independent
Stand Up And Fight, Coleman Tells Rivals- John Ley
When managers use the phrase 'dogs of war', it usually hints at a problem. Chris Coleman, the Fulham manager, could not resist it when trying to suggest how West Ham could get out of their predicament... The Telegraph
Christanval Piles On The Misery For Curbishley- Andrew Warshaw
Where to start after one of the most pulsating, compelling – and at times controversial – games of the season? First things first. Fulham, for sheer battling spirit, grit and enthusiasm, deserved to take a point in what was their sixth successive draw in all competitions... The Sunday Telegraph
Curbishley Learns More Bad News About West Ham- Alyson Rudd
Alan Curbishley, the West Ham United manager, gives the impression that he is experimenting with his new club. On Saturday the experiment was called “How do West Ham deal with taking the lead?” The team failed the test and Curbishley learnt something else about the character of a club who are in serious danger of relegation. “I did think, if we did get into a winning position, what will happen then because they’ve not been in a winning position for so long,” Curbishley said... The Times

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