Monday, 8 January 2007

West Ham United 3 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

Curbishley Goes On The Offensive- Nick Szczepanik
Alan Curbishley, the West Ham United manager, has always been an avowed admirer of Sir Alex Ferguson, but few had realised that he was turning into the Manchester United manager. Ferguson routinely refuses to speak after matches and, by flouncing out of Saturday’s post-match press conference, Curbishley was mimicking his mentor’s contempt for football writers and, by extension, the readers who are interested in managers’ thoughts... The Times
Curbishley's Quest For Clarity Looks Like Blurred Vision- David Lacey
West Ham's advance in the FA Cup said little about their chances of survival in the Premiership although the post mortem spoke volumes about their new manager's state of mind. After a month at Upton Park Alan Curbishley threw a wobbly the like of which had not been seen in all his 15 years at Charlton... The Guardian
Curbishley In Rage Despite West Ham Showing Noble Art- Amy Lawrence
In spite of a comfortable passage to the FA Cup fourth round, the pressure gauge is evidently heating up inside Alan Curbishley. The West Ham manager used his post-match press conference not to praise some decent individual contributions, a young goalscoring hero, and a much-needed positive result in these parts, but to launch a three-minute 24-second rant to stress his 'outrage' about recent headlines. And with that he turned on his heels and left... The Observer
Curbishley Lets off Steam After Victory- John Ley
Asked to compare the trials and travails of a Premiership manager with the pressures at the lower levels, Dean Wilkins could only chuckle. "Premiership managers don't know what management is about," said the Brighton manager. There may have been an element of devilment in his response, but his sentiments were heartfelt... The Telegraph
Curbishley Blasts Critics After As Tevez Lifts West Ham- Simon Hart
West Ham manager Alan Curbishley had every reason to celebrate after watching his side bounce back from last week's 6-0 drubbing at Reading with a morale-boosting Cup victory over League One side Brighton, though the pressure of life at Upton Park is clearly beginning to show... Sunday Telegraph

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