Sunday, 21 January 2007

Newcastle United 2 West Ham United 2

West Ham Cry Foul Over Milner Strike- John Wardle
Newcastle's defensive woes continued as they failed to handle a West Ham attack that had previously scored only twice away from home this season. Alan Curbishley's side doubled that miserable tally inside the first 22 minutes and Newcastle looked in danger of an embarrassment to rival their 5-1 midweek FA Cup defeat by Birmingham... The Observer
Solano Steadies Ship For Newcastle- Simon Turnbull
The meeting of the Hammers and the more recently hammered on Tyneside yesterday brought to mind the Monty Python sketch in which the Yorkshiremen debate who had it worst - the one who lived in a shoebox in t' middle o' t' road or the one sustained by a daily handful of hot gravel. "So you lost your last match 5-1," Alan Curbishley might have said to Glenn Roeder before kick-off time. "Luxury! We lost our last away game 6-0."... The Independent on Sunday
Newcastle Recover Thanks To 'Farcical' Offside Law- James Mossop
You could read the pain in Alan Curbishley's face as he graphically exposed the farce of the "active, inactive" element of the offside law and soon afterwards Newcastle manager Glenn Roeder, a beneficiary of the moment that allowed his team back into the game, agreed with him... The Sunday Telegraph
Hammers Let Points Slip Away- Paul Forsyth
Rarely can the acquisition of a point have come as such a relief to Newcastle United. At the end of a humiliating week for the Tyneside club, another shambolic start threatened to inflict further embarrassment here, but with the kind of stirring response that was missing in the FA Cup on Wednesday, they almost claimed an unlikely triumph... The Sunday Times
Curbs Spends To Keep Fans On Side- Colin Young
Alan Curbishley had spent more than £10million of Eggert Magnusson’s money before he stole Lucas Neill from under Liverpool’s noses as West Ham try to buy their way out of the bottom three... The Mail
Parker Happy In Front As West Ham Lose Grip- Michael Walker
Sporting a Noel Edmonds-style multi-coloured cardigan that would have had Uriah Rennie, for one, searching for his red card, Scott Parker talked last Friday about Alan Curbishley, about meeting him as a nine-year-old and about the impact he had had on the young midfielder's career. "Git" was Curbishley's response 24 hours later. It was said with a wry smile... The Guardian
West Ham Fail To Finish Job- George Caulkin
Football - monkey business with a bag of air, or a trial of endurance, character and capacity for suffering? For the players, management, directors and supporters who attended Saturday’s match at St James’ Park, relief was the least objectionable emotion on offer. After a season spent crouching in the trenches, groping for reserves of strength, it could have been worse... The Times

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