Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Fall Of Chairman Egg

Could this be the poster that finally cost Eggert Magnusson his executive status at West Ham United? According to a piece in the Mail, the advert for airline Iceland Air that appeared in Saturday's programme is symptomatic of Magnusson's high profile status in and around the football club. The article quotes insiders as saying 'Chairman Egg' was getting too much credit as the figurehead of a club in which he is only a five per cent shareholder, and suggests that such publicity could well have irked the club's true powerbroker Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson. It is a nice story on the day that Jose Mourinho leaves Chelsea, primarily over a suspected clash of egos, and although it echoes the sentiment of a story that ran in The Sun yesterday there is likely to be little or no truth in it.

In fact, West Ham insisted again today that club chairman Magnusson had not been pushed aside as a result of changes at boardroom level. Magnusson is to step down as executive chairman but is to stay on in a non-executive capacity as a new management team is brought in to support the club's owner, Icelandic businessman Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson. "The fans will still see Eggert in the directors' box and he will remain as non-executive chairman," said club spokesman Mike Lee, who could become a board member under the new plans. "It was felt, though, that the club needed a new corporate structure to take it on to the next level."


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RapidHammer said...

Nice photo. Hope we will see the bald head cheer quite often this season. And I hope there wasn't a fall-out with Gudmundsson because this would affect the squad. The last thing we need this season which everyone wants to be a "solid" one.

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