Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Beast In Me

The beast in me
Is caged by frail and fragile bonds
Restless by day
And by night, rants and rages at the stars
God help, the beast in me

Former West Ham United nutjob Tomas Repka is in the news back in Czech Republic after lashing out at a cameraman upon being sent off during a league game. The Sparta Prague captain, no stranger to seeing red during an oft robust career, was shown his marching orders as his club lost for the first time this season against Teplice on Sunday.

Upon leaving the field Repka aimed an impromptu attack in the direction of a Czech television cameraman; in an incident which has culminated in him being fined 150,000 koruna (£3,800) by his club. Repka in his defence has claimed he was 'under great stress' but whether his pleas will be treated charitably by the Czech football disciplinary commission remains subject to conjecture. In what was a somewhat tempestuous contest Sparta midfielder Martin Abraham was also red carded, and subsequently fined, for verbally abusing the referee and his assistant.

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