Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Stop The War

Manchester United's hopes of Carlos Tevez undergoing a medical tomorrow are in question after they failed to secure permission for the tests from West Ham. The Argentina striker flew in to Manchester tonight at the behest of United, who had been preparing to put the 23-year-old through a series of fitness and medical checks. However, one club is not allowed to give a player a medical unless his current club agree, and although United have made West Ham aware of their wishes, the London side will not give formal permission for a medical until they have been made - and accepted - an offer.

Lee Clayton, writing in the Mail, says although West Ham are publicly refusing to endorse the check-up, United still intend to go ahead with their plan to fitness test the player. It is a calculated show of strength by the Premiership champions designed to test the resolve of all parties involved. A United insider said: "We expect Carlos Tevez to become a United player. We've flown him in for a medical as a show of force. The player is very excited at the prospect of signing for us. It is only a matter of time. It's up to West Ham now. Carlos will have his medical and then they must decide their course of action. Either they can take action against United or they can allow a medical to take place while all the parties continue to seek a resolution." Clayton states West Ham could ask the Premier League to charge United with "tapping up" but, he suggests, that is unlikely as it will open 'a can of worms'. According to the Mail, West Ham do hold the registration of the player but the club's claims that he has a contract with them are thought to be incorrect.

West Ham remain adamant they hold Tevez's registration, that he is contracted to them for another three years and that they have unilaterally terminated all third-party agreements with Tevez's representative Kia Joorabchian. Joorabchian maintains his company Media Sports Investments (MSI) own the economic rights to the player, who has already agreed personal terms with Manchester United. United, for their part, have steadfastly refused to acknowledge West Ham's rights in their negotiations, despite repeated warnings from the Premier League, and now nobody seems able to cut the most intractable of Gordian knots. According to The Times, even if Tévez moves a step closer to joining Manchester United by undergoing the medical examination tomorrow, a bureaucratical and diplomatic minefield would still need to be overcome before the complicated transfer could be completed. As it stands now, a swift resolution appears even further away.

Negotiations between Manchester United and West Ham have been ongoing throughout the day. A delegation led by West Ham chairman
Eggert Magnusson met a team led by United lawyer Maurice Watkins at the Premier League’s offices in London. The talks ended in deadlock however with no agreement reached over the 23-year-old Argentina striker. Five Live's Gordon Farquhar said: "Despite a day of talks led by chairman Eggert Magnusson for the Hammers and Maurice Watkins for United, there is no deal and West Ham clearly aren't going to be railroaded into this. They have refused a written transfer request, are asserting their rights over the player and are going to insist on this being a transfer between two clubs and not with a third party, the MSI group, whatever their claims over economic rights to the player may be." A West Ham spokesman confirmed talks had taken place. "Meetings have taken place between the two clubs but no agreement has been reached in relation to Carlos Tevez," he said. "One club cannot give a player a medical unless his current club agree and West Ham will not give formal permission for a medical until they have been made an offer and accepted it."

Meanwhile, a desperate
Carlos Tevez has reportedly pleaded with West Ham to stop the war with Manchester United and let him sign at Old Trafford. The 23-year-old Argentinian striker took naked to the streets this afternoon, his message daubed in red paint, in attempt to generate some much needed media coverage for his plight. He now intends to fly to London for an urgent meeting with the Hammers, who have been determined to block his latest controversial transfer. Tevez said: "I want a solution very quickly on this subject. My desire is to play for Manchester United - but I also want a positive exit from West Ham, because the club was good to me in the year when I played in England. I find the controversy about my transfer very strange but I hope it will be resolved in the next few days."


McKenzie said...

Seems to me that there is a bit of brinksmanship going on here. Sir Alex' people have asked Tevez to undergo a medical before a formal offer has been made, this is the first time I can recall this happening (but am more than happy to be educated on the matter). As far as I can see there is no way that the P.L, WHU, or MSI can resolve this conundrum without looking completely stupid, and Man U have just thrown a very hefty torque wrench into the works by announcing that they are after the services of The player.
I recently read here (D.T) that Mascherano is effectively on a 2 year loan at Liverpool, and they have an option to buy the player after the deal is over. I'll bet this is the road which Sir Alex is going to pursue, forget about 30 million as one red top valued Tevez, WHU will tear up the registration which they apparently hold for the next 3 years to avoid any further legal problems, he will go on loan for 2 years, at which point he will be shown the door, a world class striker's services rendered for 2 years at a cost of Jack Fanny Adams, you have to take your hat of to Sir Alex, he truly is a genius if somewhat Machiavellian when it comes to spotting a great deal.

Jon said...

This is getting funny... Will West Ham lose out? Kia? Premier League already makes Post Communist Russia look ordered and Scudamore and co have the usual credibility of hired lackeys who never do anything.

Man U cannot lose they either get a loan player to try before they don't buy or they save millions.

It does seem that Scudamore/co and West Ham have n ailed their nads to the mast off a legal opinion on contract clauses. Be interesting in court when it is all sorted. Maybe Tevez will play football again this decade. If not he can look in a mirror for the person to blame.

Lorenzo said...

That bloke on the steps sure don't look impressed with Carlito's little protest does here!

Gary said...

Can anyone tell me how you unilaterally terminate a contract? Ive had enough of paying my mortgage, and I fancy tearing it up.

Ian said...

Gary- Its quite easy to unilateraly terminate a contract - write to your mortgage company and tell them that is what you are doing. What will happen is that they will sue you for damages (proably the cost of all unpaid interest on the mortgage assuming it went to term less a bit for the fact they get the money early) or enfore their security and take your house. Either way the contract is over its just a question of what happens then. Quite why United don't just pay West Ham whatever it was the the agent wanted plus a bit and then West Ham agree to pay the agent his money by way of damages for terminating the agreement, I don't know.


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