Thursday, 19 July 2007


West Ham today hit back at Kia Joorabchian, rejecting his assertion they had made misleading statements about Carlos Tevez and reiterating their claim that they owned the player outright. The club was reacting to Joorabchian's threat to bring "the true circumstances" of Tevez's position to the attention of "a higher authority" - presumably Fifa, who were called in yesterday by Manchester United to arbitrate the transfer. Tevez's advisers also stated that the Hammers made "promises and assurances" about the 23-year-old Argentine which they have not acted on. West Ham remain unbowed, insisting that every document regarding them and Tevez has already been scrutinised by the Premier League. Far from cowering at the prospect of Fifa intervention, Eggert Magnusson now appears to be actively encouraging it.

The statement that was posted on the club's official website reads:
West Ham United totally rejects the latest outburst and threats issued in the name of Kia Joorabchian in relation to the situation regarding Carlos Tevez. We will not be drawn into this form of public mudslinging but these latest statements cannot go unanswered. Mr Joorabchian entered into agreements with the previous regime at West Ham United at a time in which he was attempting to take over the Club. Those arrangements, since terminated by West Ham United, led the Club into serious disciplinary difficulties for which the Club has paid a heavy price.

It is absolutely clear that the only contract relating to Carlos Tevez recognised by West Ham United and the Premier League is the player's four-year contract which runs until June 2010. All other arrangements were terminated by West Ham on 27th April 2007 and no legal challenge to that termination has occurred. West Ham United can also confirm that all documentation regarding the Club and Carlos Tevez has already been submitted to the Premier League and fully scrutinised by them. We have ensured full disclosure.

The Club has in recent weeks made every effort to keep Carlos Tevez at West Ham United and indeed offered significantly improved terms and conditions to the player, which were not accepted. However, a transfer of a properly registered player cannot occur without agreement between two clubs and the Premier League. Without such an agreement we believe that it is in the interest of all parties to resolve this issue as quickly as possible through the procedures laid down by Fifa.

Public threats and accusations are irrelevant, let Fifa decide and West Ham United will accept that judgement whatever the outcome. The time has come to settle this matter in a way which will allow everyone concerned to move on.
Meanwhile, the British government and the Football Association will unite to press Fifa to investigate the question of third party ownership of players. A report on the BBC states that Carlos Tevez's proposed transfer from West Ham to Manchester United has brought the matter under the spotlight and raised high-level concerns about the 'integrity of the game'. A Whitehall source said: "We don't want third-party ownership in British football, we want it dealt with," while the Department of Media, Culture and Science has called for a probe at "the highest international level."


Belper said...

In the same statement, West Ham confirmed they had made full disclosure of documents to the Premier League, and were happy for the matter to be resolved by FIFA so all parties could move on. Hopefully, that will be the case.

Meanwhile, if Joorabchian is so incensed by West Ham's alleged 'inconsistencies' regarding the Tevez contract, you have to wonder why he still hasn't initiated legal action against the club. Could it be he isn't too sure the courts would see things his way?

Peter said...

This really is a mess. Who does "own" Tevez? If West Ham United then they should get the transfer money (minus an acceptable commission for his agent). If Joorabchian "owns" him then that is illegal in football terms and WHU must be relegated, Brighton get their money back and Sheffield United reinstated. It really is time for the FA/Premier League and FIFA to get to the bottom of this. Surely the truth is there somewhere. It might go poorly for West Ham and the new owners would then have to sue the previous owners of the club, who got themselves into this pickle.

Gazman said...

I would like to know how much did West Ham pay for Tevez? Nothing I suspect, which means they do not own him and therefore cannot receive a fee! West Ham are on dodgy ground here.

Barnyard said...

Peter, Joorabchian (or more apt the company MSI) owns the economic rights to Tevez, the style of agreement that was agreed between Joorabchian and West Ham was one where they were loaned to the club for a year with the option to buy at the end of the first year.

FIFA are fully aware of this type of agreement and they allow and support it.

The inconsistencies in this is the way the Premier League swiftly green-lighted Mascherano to Liverpool with no fees and no issues, yet the second Man Utd come into it they are suddenly compliant.

Jimbo said...

I think that Man Utd should buy the player from West Ham as they are, according to the club and the Premier League, the owners of the player. If Joorabchian then takes West Ham to court and they rule that he did own the player wouldn't it then be West Ham's (and the Premier League's) problem rather than Man Utd's as they have only acted as instructed?


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