Sunday, 11 February 2007

West Ham United 0 Watford 1

No Joke As Feeble West Ham Fail To Raise A Smile by Will Buckley
The arc of celebrity seems to have travelled from people being famous for doing something, to being famous for being famous to being famous for not doing something. A prime example of this curve is 'top comedian' Russell Brand who has built a career on having given up heroin... The Observer
Harewood Fails To Hit The Spot by Rob Hughes
When panic invades, when a gamble that has cost one West Ham manager his job and now threatens another goes so sourly wrong, we see disaffection appear like rust in the supposedly iron metal of a side once an institution of East London... Sunday Times
West Ham's Belief Drained By Henderson by Jason Burt
This was car-crash football. An East End soap opera whose plot-lines would be ruled out as too harrowing, or farcical, if ever submitted as a script. West Ham lost at home to Watford to Darius Henderson's first-half penalty, his first goal in 30 games, while missing one awarded to them. For both teams they were the first penalties awarded this season... Independent on Sunday
Boothroyd Only One Smiling After Tale Of Two Penalties by Simon Hart
This was, said Alan Curbishley in an interview broadcast on Upton Park's big screen before the kick-off, a "defining match". The only conclusion to draw from a crushing home defeat by bottom club Watford is that West Ham, like their visitors yesterday, are almost certainly heading for the Championship... Sunday Telegraph

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