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Julian Dictates

Below is an exclusive WHO interview with Irons legend Julian Dicks as conducted by Leigh Jim, Julian's agent for the past 10 years...

Q. Did Perry Groves really plead with George Graham to take him off when you kicked his arse years ago ?

A. Yes he did... it was pretty embarrassing to watch actually but it made me laugh at the time. I was smacking him all over the park.

Q. Were you actually serious about the Ray Winstone as chairman thing?

A. Ha Ha – of course not. I get journalists ringing me up all the time. On this occasion, he asked me – ‘in an ideal world, who would you have running West Ham?’. I actually said ‘Me’, but as that wasn’t allowed, I chose Ray.

Q. What do you think was your best performance for us? (IMHO it was the 4-3 win over Spurs when Hartson & Kitson joined.)

A. Well from a fan’s point of view, I would have to agree with the Spurs game but I also really enjoyed the Man Utd 2-2 game as well. We were fantastic that game.

Q. What handicap do you play off these days?

A. I still play off scratch – but I can't play as much as I used to. I can play but it’s the walking that does me. My knees are shot after a 3-day tournament.

Q. Iron Maiden or Guns and Roses?

A. Oh it has to be Guns and Roses. I love a bit of Iron Maiden and get on well with the lads – but it can't compare to Appetite for Destruction!!

Q. Is Graeme Souness as bad a manager as he is TV pundit?

A. Ha Ha – I actually like him as a pundit – he is honest and doesn’t take any crap… much like he was as a manager. I have worked under many managers and I have never heard players slag him off. The only people he upset were the useless ones.

Q. Do you really believe your hair cut stopped you getting picked for England?

A. I believe my image did. I was in Linekers in Tenerife and John Gorman told me that if I grew my hair that they would pick me! I just told him to fuck off. What a stupid thing to say.

At the time the England team had alcoholics in it, gamblers etc... I just couldn’t understand their logic.

Q. Does it annoy you to see the salaries that players are on these days?

A. No why would it? I was always paid well and loved every minute of it. Would I have wanted more? Sure – but then who wouldn’t?

Q. What made you move from striker to left back?

A. John Bond at Birmingham asked someone to volunteer and I put my hand up. I had a blinder and played their ever since! I was too short to play up front!

Q. Have you forgiven David Mellor and Andy Gray for comments they made re John Spencer?

A. Look, I don’t hold grudges but what Andy Gray did, for me, was pathetic. He demanded the FA investigate me and, along with Mellor, started some sort of media vendetta against me. I thought it was all pretty sad. John Spencer agreed to stand up at the tribunal and defend me but Hoddle banned it. Best leave that there...

Q. Who is the hardest player you have played against?

A. No question, Mark Hughes. He was strong and gave as good as he got. If you clattered him, he got up and never moaned. A great player and a good bloke

Q. Do you regret anything you have done in your career injury wise?

A. No. Sure I could have had an operation and come back but that is a major risk – as it was, I had 12 great years and enjoyed every minute of it. How many people get to say that?

Q. What would Harry, Bonzo etc say to you after getting sent off?

A. Billy would never say anything but Harry would have a moan if it was avoidable. To be honest, I can't really remember them ever shouting at me. Me and Harry always got on really.

Q. Why did you leave to join Liverpool and do you regret how it turned out?

A. I didn’t want to leave. My agent tried all she could to stop it happening but Harry wanted a change. I had no choice. After the Derby game, Harry gave me such a roasting in the press that my position became very difficult. I don’t regret going to Liverpool – I just regret the fact that Souness left. I loved it at West Ham. I still do.

Q. Who was the biggest tool you ever played against/with?

A. There are players I didn’t like but genuinely no hatred. Marco Boogers was probably the strangest player I played with. He was literally crazy. It was always fun playing against Man Utd as they were so easy to wind up!

Q. Did you feel that Bonzo/Harry resented your relationship with the fans?

A. I don’t think so, no. Harry might have resented aspects of it but no – I think they appreciated the reasons for the relationship I had with the fans.

Q. Do you still go down TOTs?

A. Ha Ha .. is that still there??? No, I am too bloody old for that now. We used to have some blinding nights out but not anymore!!

Q. Do you ever look at websites such as

A. No, I can't say I do to be honest. I might now though.

Q. What was Harry Redknapp like? There are many players who criticised his managerial style during the mid 90's. Did he rub people up the wrong way on a regular basis?

A. Harry is Harry. He does things I don’t agree with but then nobody is perfect. I tell you what though, he knows how to get the best out of people.

Q. What was your favourite goal for the club?

A. The penalties against Spurs and Man Utd will always stand out – but maybe the goal against Forest Away? It's hard to choose just one.

Q. Are there any West Ham players you admire today?

A. From the games I have seen, I would have to say Rob Green is the stand out player for me. Consistent and doesn’t fuck about. A good old fashioned goalie.

Q. Do you remember back in about 1995 in Dukes, Chelmsford, when some bloke helped you and John Moncur get away from John Rollinson by hiding you both in the cloakroom?

A. Who the hell is John Rollinson? Maybe you should ask Moncs that one! It's safe to say if I was in Dukes, then I can't remember this incident!

Q. Who do you consider to be the modern day hardman of the game?

A. In the Premier League now? Nobody – how can there be? The last one was Keane. But since then, nobody. Saying that, Keane was fine dishing it out but never enjoyed taking it back. I remember once I went in two footed on someone (maybe Cantona) and Butt responded by taking me out. Butt got sent off, I squared up to Keane and Cantona tried to swing a punch at me. He missed, and Keane ran off.

Q. How did the players see the Redknapp and Bonds fallout?

A. To be honest we heard what we heard the same as the rest of you. My take on it was that Billy never wanted to be a manager – he was happy just being at home with the kids. Harry, on the other hand, wanted it and was determined to succeed.

Q. Sorry about this, but it's a site tradition - favourite crisps?

A. Worcester Sauce Walkers

Q. What went wrong with your first managerial job at Wivenhoe?

A. Nothing went wrong – I spent 6 months there, kept them up and that was that. The club had no money, the players didn’t get paid, I didn’t get paid ... it was just all a real shame as I loved it and would have stayed. The previous manager there really stitched the club up, and I am not sure there is any way back for them.

Q. Do you still harbour serious ambition to break into management?

A. Absolutely. I love football and I am good at motivating people. My agents are working on trying to get me something so fingers crossed. I want to learn the ropes for 10 years or so and then take over at West Ham! Why not? It would be my dream.

Q. Being the best left back of your era, do you harbour any regrets that you never played for the full England team?

A. Not at all – I am past all that now!

Q. How did you find your time at Liverpool? Was it a culture shock going from being a big fish in a small pond to just another player at a big team?

A. No not really – I just wanted to play football. As I said, I didn’t really want to be there but it was a great opportunity. It was a great day when I came back though.

Q. What are your views on Terry Brown? Do you agree with the fans' opinion that he bled the club for all its worth then sold at a profit; or did you see a different side to him during your years at the club?

A. To be fair I never really got involved in any of that aspect. I had my issues with the Bond Scheme as it seemed to rip off the average fan. It's difficult though, as a player, to get too involved. I had a job to do, and I just got on with it.

Q. Out of all the managers you played under, who stood out as the best? Who would you say was the worst?

A. Worst manager was Lou Macari... ‘Dicksy, win the ball... get it up the field’. That was it. Horrible way to play football.

Best manager was either Ron Saunders at Birmingham or John Lyall. I swear in all the years I knew John, he never once got angry. He just oozed class and was a fantastic man.

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