Thursday, 11 June 2009

Asset Stripping

Carlton Cole has become the latest footballer to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer for the Everyman campaign. Cole features in Cosmopolitan magazine's annual Naked Centrefold special, available now, to promote the campaign which was launched in the UK by The Institute of Cancer Research in 1997. It seeks to raise awareness of male cancer and to raise funds to research treatments.

Bobby Moore famously received treatment for testicular cancer back in the 1960s, whilst the disease affects up to around 2,000 men in the UK each year. This latest venture coincides with new research showing that testicular cancer survival in England and Wales is increasing as more men with disease get diagnosed early. Overall survival for men is now 97% - up 2% from 1990 - rising to 99% if the cancer is treated in its early stages. In 1960 the survival rate for testicular cancer was less than 50%.

Cole is just one of a number of celebrities posing nude to raise awareness for the campaign and June's Male Cancer Awareness month. Others include England rugby star Will Skinner, actor Jamie Bamber and TV presenter Tony Craig.

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football gifts said...

It’s great to see Carlton Cole join the everyman campaign, any cancer is an awful disease but male caner awareness and screening needs to be improved.


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