Monday, 1 October 2007

West Ham United 0 Arsenal 1

Arsenal Show A Gritty Side by Kevin McCarra
Life is going so well for Arsène Wenger that he can reminisce about disappointments with a sort of nostalgia. Thinking of the trudge through two trophyless seasons, the Arsenal manager now emphasises the solidarity it nurtured in a relatively new line-up: "It's good to share the pain."... Guardian
Van Persie Keeps Arsenal Flying High by Stuart Barnes
Arsenal's early-season bandwagon rolls on. A week after dissecting Derby with great precision, they successfully negotiated a much sterner test, standing two-to-toe with West Ham, delivering that extra bit of class when it mattered and protecting Robin van Persie's early goal for a merited victory... Observer
Arsenal Combine Graft With Craft By John Ley
If Arsenal win the Premier League they will turn their minds back to the late September day when graft rubbed shoulders with craft and stole a win that, a year earlier, would have been improbable. West Ham gave Arsenal the sternest test yet of their title aspirations and, with more luck, might have sneaked a point... Telegraph
New Gunners Tough it Out In Bulldog Style by Neil Ashton
From Alan Pardew to Alan Curbishley, the team talk ahead of any fixture against Arsenal usually follows a familiar thread. Ever since West Ham made a successful return to the Premiership two years ago, the notion that 'this lot don't like it up 'em' has been a hugely successful formula against Arsene Wenger's urbane outfit... Mail
Wenger Confident His Youngsters Won't Shrivel by Glenn Moore
Arsenal, generally written off pre-season, sit two points clear with a game in hand as the Premier League approaches the quarter-way mark. They have played 11 matches, at home and abroad, won 10 and drawn one, at Blackburn Rovers... Independent

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